David has been in Private Practice since 1982 after having a successful Academic career in Edinburgh UK and here in Australia

His special interest has always been in Human Movement BioMechanics and the application of orthopaedic principles behind the complex mechanisms involved. An interest and initial University study in mechanical engineering led him to go on to study the medical aspects of this at both at undergraduate and at post graduate level. Increasing focus on a strong clinical approach to skeletal diagnostics and management soon became principal

David still maintains a strong interest in engineering design and development as a balance to his clinical work. He heads up a consulting and research and development Company that has a major focus on bio-medical and allied design briefs - both in-house initiated and commission activated

The foot and leg provide a rich area of investigation. Anomalies in how the foot functions (or doesn't properly function) can cause all sorts of disturbances in tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. There are few mechanisms existing that are more complex than the 3-dimensional nature of the human foot/leg machine and its load/stress handling capability.

We sometimes put these structures through very high stress loads and sometimes those same tissue structures just can't cope with this. The consequence of this is often pain through inflammation and/or "wear and tear" In these circumstances discomfort may be present in the foot itself but often also be felt higher up; in the leg, knee and hip. In some cases the lower back may be a site for secondary response pain as well

All of this can often be caused by and/or made worse by - foot imbalance

Simple Orthotic

Simple Orthotic



David has spent more than 40 years researching and developing the techniques needed to individually design and manufacture high quality foot orthotics

Although there are many examples of off-the-shelf insoles that can be put into a shoe - David concentrates his attention on prescription-made orthotics that are tailored to each individual case requirement

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